What the world needs now….

In the last few days I’ve been reminded about the power of language and how we use it to describe ourselves. I’m atrocious at using words like ‘failure’, ‘idiot‘, ‘stupid’, ‘annoying’ etc etc etc to describe myself. The impact is that I think others will see me like that and then get upset when they do! We are perverse human beings at times! (Or is this just me?). In a world full of hate, self hate or depreciation is not the answer. As Martin Luther says, ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that’ and it is this truth which will change the current world dynamics if it is applied by all. But it is relevant for not only the external world, but also the internal world. While we feel darkness and hate towards others we are perpetuating it in the external world. While we feel darkness and hate towards ourselves, the effect is similar. What can we do to change the world? Feel love (not ego love, but pure non-competitive love) for ourselves and then allow this love to radiate to everyone else, no matter what religion, nationality and belief system they are a part of. Can you even imagine what that would be like if everyone practiced this open, accepting and giving way of interacting with others? Violence towards others because of differences would not exist and one would never feel the need to enforce their beliefs onto another human being. We are all on a journey. We may be taking different paths on this journey however no one has a monopoly on which path is the correct one. Live and let live is what I say! We currently live in a world where our own self hate and need to be right overwhelms our ability to accept differences and feel love and empathy. Anyway, getting back to my initial point, I realise that I am self deprecating as it protects me in an odd way from being rejected and hurt. It stops me from being open to others as I have already determined that they will see me like I see me. This is something I am going to work through and will be part of my journey. Habits are hard to break (especially a habit formed over more than 50 years!) however it is never too late to reflect, realign and change.

One thought on “What the world needs now….

  1. Wow Moz, so excited for you and the journey you are on. A time for self reflection and great knowledge. Enjoy. You are an Amazing, bright, shining light xxx


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